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Cambodian Breakfast

Cambodian breakfasts are one of the most important meals of the day. They’re much more hearty than the bowl of cereal you’re probably used to because of the country’s farming traditions. Most Cambodian breakfast dishes consist of some type of meat plus fresh or pickled veggies and a serving of rice or noodles.

You’ll surely notice the numerous streetside coffee shops in Cambodian towns. It was the French who instilled a love of coffee in Cambodians.

The home-roasted brews are usually quite bitter and highly caffeinated. To offset the bitterness, they’re often served with sweet condensed milk or with several spoons of sugar alongside your Cambodian breakfast.

Where to Eat a Cambodian Breakfast

A delicious Cambodian breakfast can be found just about anywhere in town. Choose from mobile street food vendors, bustling local markets, and crowded Khmer restaurants.

Observe for a minute to see how locals order their favorites and then do the same. Many travelers say that Cambodian breakfast time is the best time because there’s something for everyone.

The options typically range from grilled meats, porridges (congee), and soups.

Here are three of our must-eat Cambodian breakfast foods.

cambodia street food vendor

Top 3 Must-Eat Cambodian Breakfast Foods

1. Hearty Cambodian breakfast: Bai Sach Chrouk


Bai Sach Chrouk is quite simply pork and rice.

It’s very easy to find classic spots selling this dish in the morning as they’re always crowded and the smell of grilled marinated pork fills the air. You’ll usually have other meaty options to substitute or add-on like grilled chicken or Cambodian sausages.

The freshly grilled pork is chopped into small pieces, covered with an egg, and placed on top of a serving of rice. You’ll get a side of pickled vegetable salad to lighten up the dish. Some spots will go a step further and give you a bowl of chicken or beef broth as well.

Have you ever had a better bacon and eggs?!

2. The stew of stews: Kor Ko Num Pang

close up of red cambodian breakfast beef stew

One of our favorite breakfast options is Kor Ko Num Pang, meaning beef stew with baguette. It’s probably the best way to eat french bread, even better than Cambodian street food sandwiches.

You’ll be served a couple of pieces of fresh baguette alongside a bowl of the richest, red beef stew you’ve ever eaten.

It’s made with beef ligaments, strips, and small meaty pieces all slowly cooked until they have a melt-in-your-mouth quality. Use that baguette to sop up the rich, aromatic stew.

It’ll easy become your go-to breakfast.

3. Traditional Cambodian breakfast: Bobor

cambodian porridge in a white bowl

Bobor is a porridge or congee that’s actually an all-day affair.

The Cambodian breakfast Bobor is made of rice cooked soft with lots of water, then mixed with either shredded chicken, beef, or dried fish. Normally, you should also get a couple of cubes of congealed pork blood and some offal in your porridge.

Then, choose your spices, seasonings, and add-ons. The usuals are chili sauce, fermented soy beans, pepper, ginger, bean sprouts, and limes.

Long, soft, and airy fried breads are commonly sold alongside your breakfast Bobor. Drop them in or soak them.

Bobor is probably the healthiest Cambodian breakfast food on this list and it just tastes so good! It’s super nourishing, good for the belly, and an all around comfort food.

Waking up to share a hearty Cambodian breakfast with locals gives you a unique perspective into daily life.
What Cambodian breakfast foods have you eaten? And, which are your favorite?
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