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Our Siem Reap Restaurant

The Story

Traditional Cambodian Food in Siem Reap

Come inside and rest your feet for a bit. We know you must be tired from your temple exploration. Luckily, you’ve found one of the best Angkor restaurants.

Welcome to our wooden house, Sala Russey.

Continue your Angkor adventure through the flavors of our authentic Cambodian recipes. Or, opt for something a bit more familiar. We serve up classic Western dishes, healthy vegetarian meals, and halal options.

Every day we bring the highest quality ingredients from Siem Reap into the Angkor Wat Park to make sure you’ll enjoy your food. The big question is where do you want to sit?

Follow the wooden bridge over a water lily pond to head inside Sala Russey. There you can cool off from the tropical Cambodian heat in our comfortable A/C seating. While waiting for your meal, spend some time checking out the original art pieces hanging about.

Or, perhaps you prefer feeling the fresh Angkor breeze gently rolling across your skin. Kick back, relax, and feel at peace in our green bamboo garden. The air is perfumed by the huge variety of flowers and other vegetation growing around our wooden house.

Here to serve you

The Sala Russey Team

We hire the majority of our staff from the local villages surrounding Siem Reap. They all love interacting with you and always do their best to create experiences that you’ll never forget.

Sok Kimsong

Mr. Sok Kimsong is our head chef at Sala Russey. He is an amazing chef with almost 20 years of experience cooking Western, Khmer, and Thai fare. On top of his busy job, Mr. Sok Kimsong also provides hospitality training for the restaurant staff.

Soum Sengthai

Mr. Soum Sengthai is Sala Russey’s restaurant manager. He takes time out of his busy schedule to provide our staff with English language training.

Only the best

Sala Russey is much more than a good-looking restaurant. We spent a great deal of time finding local markets that could provide us with fresh daily produce for our restaurant in Siem Reap. We did this to craft the highest quality Cambodian dishes for you and to also cycle money through our less-fortunate local communities.

Beautiful Lakeside Location

Beautifully located along the banks of Srah Srang at the heart of Angkor


Fresh Ingredients Daily

Local Angkor and Siem Reap markets deliver fresh ingredients to our kitchen every day

Lovely Bamboo Garden

Lounge, relax, and dine outdoors in our lovely bamboo garden

Relaxing Views

Plentiful vegetation and an amazing location offer some of the best views in Angkor

Authentic Dishes

Ancient Cambodian recipes to match the ancient temples

Air Conditioned

Escape from the tropical heat with comfortable A/C seating

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