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Siem Reap recently had the honor of hosting the Angkor Culinary Challenge as part of Angkor Food & Hotel 2019!

Angkor Food & Hotel 2019 is a food, beverage, hotel and hospitality exhibition of international size that was held from the 10 – 12 October at Sokha Resort and Convention Centre. The event was hosted by the Cambodia Tourism Federation and co-organised by the Cambodia Chef Association.

The highlight of the exhibition were the Cambodian International Culinary and Hospitality Competitions. They’re designed to support the development of Cambodia’s fast-growing food and beverage industry.

During the three-day exhibition, members of the CCA took part in the Angkor Culinary Challenge. There were a total of twelve classes across three categories including:

  • The Nom Banh Chok Challenge
  • The Khmer Gourmet Challenge
  • The Seafood Challenge

Siem Reap was chosen to host Angkor Food & Hotel this year as it has a high number of restaurants catering to the growing amounts of tourists. The organizers are hoping that more events like this will help raise Cambodia’s restaurant industry and chefs to the regional and world stage.

Talking about the exhibition, Thim Sereyvudh, the chief of Siem Reap’s Tourism Industry said,

“It will help improve the quality of tourism services, food and beverage preparation, improve hospitality skills of tourism operators and restaurants, so they are in par with national and international standards.”

The Angkor Food & Hotel 2019 exhibition was organised by the Malaysian AMB Tarsus Events Group and several hundred companies across 18 countries participated in the event.

Chan Sophea, founder of Cambodia Chefs’ Association (CCA), said the aim of the exhibition was to show the world that Cambodia has the potential to serve food and beverage that can match international standards.

A range of activities were available for visitors attending Angkor Food & Hotel 2019. There were cake baking and decorating stations, culinary lines, pastry bake-offs, a pizza demonstration, and vegetable carving contests.

The exhibition is backed by the Ministry of Tourism, Cambodia Chefs’ Association, Cambodia Hotel Association, Cambodia Restaurant Association, and the Siem Reap Tourism Club.

The event is currently the biggest gathering of professionals from the hospitality and food / beverage industry in the Kingdom. Several international suppliers helped sponsor the event, including USA Poultry & Egg Export Council, Maggi, Ostra Fine Foods, Makro, and many others.