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China is known for creating replicas of the world’s most famous sites. They have entire theme parks that allow you to travel around the world without ever leaving China. The latest is an Angkor Wat replica mimicking the renowned Khmer temple.

It’s possible to visit a detailed Angkor Wat replica in China

An Angkor Wat replica has been built in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southern China. This fake Angkor was built in built in honor of the annual China-Asean exposition.

The renowned World Heritage site of Angkor Wat can now be found at a new tourist attraction built in Nanning, China called “Amazing Angkor”. It may look similar to the architecture of Cambodia’s best known historic temple but seeing as it has been duplicated in plastic, it doesn’t look very realistic.

Many in the Kingdom had a negative reaction upon learning of the Chinese theme park copying their iconic historic and religious landmark.

People have been quoted saying:

“It is important for us, very spiritual,”

“I don’t think it is ok to copy it, not even for fun like in the park.”

“Me and my friends, we are not happy about this,”

“It is true Cambodia, we need to protect this. We should have known about this before now.”

The Angkor Wat replica was built as an attraction in Nanning’s new Fantawild theme park in advance of the annual China-Asean Expo. Fantawild theme park also showcased landmarks from ten other Asean countries to highlight the recent strengthening of Sino and Asean relations.

Park visitors can ride through Brunei’s water villages, marvel at Thailand’s Grand Palace, and get a taste of the Santo Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church in the Philippines.

On its opening day, the park received more than 10,000 visitors prompting the manager to declare that it shall soon become a landmark itself.

Officials from several Asean countries, including Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Malaysia attended the opening and expressed their support.

What do you think about this Angkor Wat replica in Nanning, China? We think that visitors will continue to flock to the Kingdom of Cambodia because plastic replicas don’t hold heritage or history as the Angkor Archaeological Park does. Share your thoughts below.

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