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Updated for 2019

Khmer New Year is on its way!

Sala Russey restaurant staff members

Khmer New Year, Siem Reap Sankranta, one of our favorite holidays is approaching fast! (read to the end to see this years commercial) The entire Sala Russey team was very excited to feel the community coming together to participate in the various events during Angkor Sankranta 2018.

In 2017, Angkor Sankranta brought over 1.6 million people to Siem Reap. This year, we should be expecting even more.

It has been announced that for 2019, instead of Angkor Sankranta, we’ll be celebrating Siem Reap Songkran.

Our restaurant, Sala Russey, serves foreigners interested in our ancient Khmer culture every day during their trips to the Angkor Archaeological Park. During the holidays, we hope to unite locals and tourists together to make Angkor Sankranta 2018 the best ever and Siem Reap Songkran unforgettable!

Click on the Angkor Sankranta 2018 map to access the full-size download.
Angkor Sankranta 2018 small size map and timetable
Click on the Siem Reap Sankranta 2019 map to access the full-size download.
Siem Reap Songkran 2019 Khmer New Year Map

The fun will be had in Angkor!

paved path leading to Angkor Wat

The Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia will be hosting Angkor Sankranta 2018 events in Angkor Archaeological Park.

We’ve heard of some plans to display some cool objects like a giant Hanuman mask (to inspire a traditional dance) and the longest Cambodian scarf ever created (a Guinness World Record attempt by GoGo Cambodia).

You should also expect a bunch of activities to inspire the solidarity of our cultural identity.

Millions of people – Expect busy streets!

old school photo of an angkor sunrise

More than 1.6 million people are expected to participate in the Khmer New Year celebrations! With so many families moving around, the roads will become clogged with vehicles, especially between Angkor and Siem Reap.

With the heat, crowds, and busy roads you’ll want to stay in the Angkor Archaeological Park for lunch. There are plenty of small restaurants dotting the park but it’s Khmer New Year; you deserve the best of the best!

Come dine and unwind with family and friends at Sala Russey.

Eat, relax, and rejuvenate at Sala Russey!

The front of Sala Russey in the evening

Sala Russey is a Cambodian owned restaurant standing in our nation’s oldest capital, Angkor Wat. You will enjoy tasting our wide selection of traditional Khmer, western, halal, and vegetarian dishes while sitting in a lush, relaxing atmosphere.

It’s easy to find our gorgeous place along the ancient lake, Srah Srang. Cool off in our air-conditioned interior, chat and relax in our garden, or sip on a strong cup of coffee.

Don’t head to the city for food, but discover a new, charming place in our majestic Angkor Archaeological Park.