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Where Is Sala Russey?

Srah Srang Lake in Angkor Wat Sala Russey Are you trying to find our lakeside Angkor restaurant, Sala Russey? It can be a bit tough with little to no internet service in the temple area. Not to mention that the Angkor Archaeological Park is huge. It’s OK. No need to worry because in this post we will give you more than just directions. Keep reading to find out the best ways to reach our Angkor Cafe.

Tips to find Sala Russey in the Angkor Temple Complex

We will get into some helpful tips for you and/or your driver to reach Sala Russey, but first, take a look at this map:

Sala Russey sign at restaurant in Angkor

Before making your way to Angkor Wat, save this map in offline mode on your phone. This way you can easily show your driver where our lakeside location is. Using a Google Map is the best way to find us but sometimes it can almost impossible to get data on your phone nside the Temple Complex.

Another way you can let your driver know where we are located is to tell him that we are one of the few restaurants situated next to Srah Srang. If you don’t know yet, Srah Srang is a large, man-made lake dug in the 10th century. There are only about ten other restaurants located on the road so you can look for our sign.

What if you need to call us on the go? We have three numbers with the main service providers in Cambodia. Save them on your phone.

  • CELLCARD: 061 77 78 79
  • SMART: 098 77 78 79
  • METFONE: 068 77 78 79


Useful Ride Apps to reach Sala Russey

PassApp at Sala Russey RestaurantPassApp is kind of like an Uber for Cambodian tuk-tuks. After downloading the app, you can send a message to a driver. There’s a map so you can track where the driver is and where you are going. You don’t have the option to pay online yet so, payment is cash-only for now.

We received a couple of our guests from a PassApp tuk-tuk. They told us that they came from Siem Reap city and paid only $4! With PassApp or many other ride apps, the price of your trip isn’t left up to chance. PassApp calculates the price of the ride based on the length of your trip. Their pricing is 1,200 riel/ km, with a 3,000 riel minimum.

Are you still unsure on how to reach our beautiful lakeside restaurant, Sala Russey? Leave us a comment below or get in touch by filling out the form in our contact section.