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It may be tough to find information about Khmer food so we are publishing short guides on famous Khmer foods! This edition is all about Khmer Curry Dishes. This traditional dish can be found throughout the Kingdom of Wonder in various styles. Sometimes mild, sometimes spicy, sometimes with rice, sometimes wrapped in a leaf. The way you get it depends on your preferences. We’ve listed below, the top three Khmer Curry Dishes that you must try during your trip through Cambodia.

Fish Amok – Amok Trei

Fish amok is a signature Khmer dish and can be found throughout the country, including in our Angkor restaurant, Sala Russey. This creamy Khmer curry is generally made using fillets of fish that are diced then covered in coconut milk, eggs, fish sauce and palm sugar.

garlic, chilis, garlic, onion, basil, and other spices for red kroeung on brown board

Ingredients pounded together to make red kroeung

The most important element of this amazing Khmer food is Kroeung paste. Kroeung is made by pounding together Cambodian spices such as turmeric, kaffir, lime, lemongrass, and shallots to make a paste. Once prepared, fish amok is traditionally steamed and served in a banana leaf, like many other Khmer foods.

Khmer Curry – Samlor Kari Khmer

Traditional Khmer curries don’t follow a strict recipe, just certain main ingredients. Throughout the country, you’ll find varying recipes with varying levels of spice. However, most Khmer curries are pretty mild and mellow with sweet tones – very soothing for the palette. Being in Cambodia, there are, of course, plenty of chilis nearby to spice things up.

Usually, you can find cooks serving up Khmer curry with your choice of either chicken, pork, beef, duck, or frog. The thick, flavorsome, and aromatic broth is generally made with coconut cream, fresh milk, fish sauce, and sweet potatoes. Followed by garlic, shallots, turmeric, various herbs, and ginger. Then it’s up to the chef to decide what goes into his or her Khmer food! Khmer curry is sometimes served by itself to enjoy the savory meat flavors but it’s usually served alongside noodles, rice, and baguettes.

Nom Banh Chok – Khmer Noodles

Nom Banh Chok is so popular, it’s hard to believe that it’s not the signature Khmer dish. You can find this incredibly tasty food across the Kingdom, at all times of day. The only translation that you’ll get for this Khmer food is the extremely simple, Khmer Noodles.

The dish consists of rice noodles topped with a cool fish gravy and crisp raw vegetables such as cucumbers, banana blossoms, and water lily stems, and fresh herbs. This Khmer food even has its own legend that was written about it!

We serve all types of Khmer food at our Angkor restaurant, Sala Russey. Come and find us in the heart of the ancient Khmer Empire.

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